Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini Kanzashi Flower

Mini Kanzashi Flower (Many Colors to choose from not just the ones shown)
Sold as 1 @$5.50 ea.

Ribbon Colors Available: Pink, Mint, Red, Coral, Taupe, Apple, Teal, Hot Pink, Mavue, Capri Blue, Ivory, Black, White, Baby Pink, Navy, Lime...
Prints are also available!

Specific Colors

Kanzashi Flower

Kanzashi Flower
Can be made of any 2 colors!

$9.50 ea.

Choose 2 Colors
shown in Lavender and Teal

shown in Red and Purple!

shown in Lavender and Coral!

Hydrangea Trio with Pearl Centers & Single Hydrangea Clips

Something Spring!

Beautiful Yellow Hydrangea Trio with Pearl Centers on matching headband.